Hollywood Poker (Cover)

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Arranged by:
Darkman007 Veteran
Composed by:
Chris Hülsbeck
All-Time charts position:
Mixed emotions - some good parts, some average. Don't like the drums at all. A bit more bass for the punch would've been great. And the end...?
I love it ;)
Trudges along at a brisk pace. Solid work!
Just great.:)
Hey, that`s a pretty cool one
Same as beyond but not the same result. Geat ;)
Think Hueslbeck stple Died in your Arms Tonight. This is wacky, yet cool, some bits are stunning, it should be a mess but its NOT it WORKS! Great work.
What can I say that hasn't been said! Great tune!
It's hard to find fault in this one. Maybe the intro could be more refined. But other than that - great!
Add me to the smiling bunch. One of the best works this year, so far.
Yup, definitely got a "Died in your Arms Tonight" vibe from it. Nicely mixed though.:)
Myriam? Birgit? Frances? Ines? Let's play some poker! ;-)
One of my favorites, great work.
Strange intro, but excellent remix. And omoroca who didn't like the game? ;) :D
Uoops.. I lost :)
This remix rocks!

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