Robocop 3 - Tittle Theme

Track info
Arranged by:
Darkman007 Veteran
Composed by:
Jeroen Tel / Maniacs of Noise
All-Time charts position:
IMO this is a solid remix, even though I'm not that into rock/heavy guitar remixes. I think however that the SID-like jingles could be replaced by some kind of flat simple telegraph- or typewriter-noise. But that's just some random idea.
Rock!!! Well, I kinda like the dirty soundscape here!:)
Seems to suffer with distortion from the bass, and has an overall muddy feel to it. Otherwise it is a nice rendition of the tune.
That SID synth could be better, overall mixing too, but I like it!
Dirt. Guitars. Power. Yes! Mastering compressor is slightly over the top - bad thing, most of time less is more here. Somehow it reminds me of Quake II soundtrack and Puffy64's remix stuff that I like much. Welcome onboard, BTW :)
Cool idea, like the version, I am still no rock/heavy guitar fan, too but I like this version... Some sounds could be better but all in all, great remix..!
Seriously rocked my out of my chair! The middle part of the song could be a bit thicker but nevertheless fantastic job. Nice synth-rock mix. Would be a great demo track.
Most excellent
The mainlines of this sid tune being played on guitar = win in my books, there are lots of technical niggles but that'd just be me nit picking.. Really liking this ALOT.
Very nice rendition, a little distorted in places but overall very good
The guitars are awesome. AWESOME! I wish it was just that. But the SID sounds just feel out-of-place, plus there are some mixing issues (clipping, distortion).
Dude! What more can I say? Awesome remix of an old game tune. I would really love to see some of these old games made into HD with some of the music off this site.

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