Dees - Caught In The Middle (Summer Edition)

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Arranged by:
Dees Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Thomas Mogensen (DRAX)
All-Time charts position:

When I heard this lovely C-64 chiptune back in May 2010 I knew this was about to be one of my new favorite songs ever made and the song took a place in my soul.

After then a month of work this is my touch of this lovely song composed by Thomas Drax Mogensen / Maniacs of Noise".
The massive chords and distinct bassline blends up to a spring-pop sweet happy melody, that jumps up and down the scales in lovely harmony.
I added drums, chords and took the lead quite on, to get it as authentic as possible. The lead instrument is made using the latest VSTi tech using Helix2.
Happy listening and peace out,
Xiny6581/Dees Productions

Nice and smooth with a good tempo. Some great sounds topped off with a nice production. Good stuff.
I hope Drax himself will chime in to check out this one ;) Listening to this remix, I keep on smiling today.
Very good tune, and the 'break' was really outstanding!
This RMX doesn't end up in the "middle", it belongs to the top!
Fresh and catchy. Keep up the good work!
I don't know the original but the mix is very nice and good lead sounds... Good work Dees
Very nice song! I love'n it.
This tune is so addicting, it belongs in my all time favorites and should be on kweds all time classics as well
Sounds fresh and helps me to get a better mood: I like it :-)
Thanks for covering this tune ;)... The lead is a bit stiff - what program did you use for this remix?
Very good. Thanks.
Come to the sunny side of SID! ;-)
No idea how I could miss that. Its amazing!
I love it!

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