Dees - Mutants (Hybrid Remix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Dees Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Fred Gray
All-Time charts position:
I like this.. A nice soothing track.
This layer and the effects are really cool but I dont like the leadinstrument.
Very nice. This is one of those tunes that does not lend itself to dance styles normally, orchestral or ambient suit it best imho, but you do a very good job of reforming it without losing the original.
A different take on Mutants that barely uses the original SID, its ok but I dont like the scratchy pads and FX.
Very nice. I had this song in my head but impossible to give a name of this game. Now I know.
Very well done, I like the wacky backing sounds, like the original.
I'd have to agree with nummer2 on this, the lead instrument is weaker than the others, not irritating, just not quite right.
Certainly not unpleasant to the ears! The lead is a bit weak, though in that I have to agree with the others. Maybe if you used another instrument for parts of the track? That would help avoiding repetition as well...
The arrangement is too repetitive, especially that drone-like backing track. The lead sound is yowling too much in a low-pitch. Great production value, but more variations would've been needed to spice it up.
Love it - it is repetitive but in a nice way its not ott and its pleasent to listen to - weak lead yes but I LIKE IT!
They all said it. Love the bass btw.
Can't believe I have overlooked this remix, seeing as Mutants is one of my all time favourite SIDs. This one, however, entirely lacks the original feeling of the SID, focusing mostly on the beat. As a stand-alone song it kinda-sorta works anyways.
Yes, it's repetitive, but so what? I could listen to this for hours and it wouldn't be boring.:-)

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