Dees - The Last V8 (Airline Remix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Dees Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Rob Hubbard
All-Time charts position:
Starts out promising but just ends up as an average 4x4 dance tune
Piano intro is good, but then the style changes drastically and turns bad...
Hmm for me the intro sounds not so good then later it kicks :D maybe its standart dance stuff but I like it
I keep coming back to this RMX so it must be good!
Good remix sounded fine but felt like there where two tracks just stuck together but other wise good, my favourite v8 tune is slow poison’s version got it spot on.
Nice from start, I just don't like sound sellection in 4x4 part.
Its ok but there's distortion on the piano intro, better EQ and mastering would help this.
One bad Remix of one of the best SID
I liked the transition. The subtle and then sudden introduction of synth...
Starts of like a flightpath 747 - then when one of the best sids kicks in some of the notes are wrong - I think its raw and can be made a lot better - good in theory just not working yet! The v8 itself is not as DARK ans haunting as the sid was! Sorry!
Nice tune, poor mastering
Great piano intro, great bold new arrangement throughout, but the instrument selection could've been better in the dancey part.
The piano-part up to 2:10 is very good, but the dancepart is not my cup of tea, sorry.
I've had this tune running on repeat for half an hour now, and I really enjoy the frantic, upbeat tempo. The composition is really well done, however I miss a "Last V8, return to your base - immediatly! "-sample at the beginning :).
This is an OK trance remix of Last V8, although I actually like the original SID version better. But that's probably cause it's Hubbard, hehee...
Great! First the piano intro, then the

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