Uridium (Little Green Alien Remix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Dees Veteran
Composed by:
Steve Turner
All-Time charts position:
Nice but the the mix sounds a little muddy. Needs a little more variation.
Nicely spherical approach! The beginning gives a good promise but too bad the original melody just doesn't fit there IMO... Good try though!
The base is nice. But the melody is too weak and as ageremix says struggles to sit over the base
I don't think the melody is weak. Actually it's kind of pleasing to have a little more "ethereal" music here. Put a bit of minimal elektro into it... I like it.
Like it!
The main melody feels forced onto this otherwise excellent ambient piece.
Cool idea. There's something there in the mix of the melody and the ambient background that just grooves on me.. Love it.
At first I thought "Too slow, boring! " But after listening a few times I started liking this slow-motion mood. Still, mixing is a little muddy, and the song choice isn't perfect for this kind of mood. Thus "only" Good!
Very nice! I find myself thinking "just one more listen..."
Nice uridium remix this, its a shame the 1st slide sounds a little off (thats not your fault, thats turners fault and you tried your best you can hear that to make it fit), I like this though. Well done.
Really like this. Great job Dees! You sure like your sub bass. I wonder how many people are missing out if only listening to on desktop speakers.
Nice ambient piece with bits of the Uridium tune in there, but the lead and melody is just too weak compared to the bass line, and just doesn't stand out enough - needs tweaking in the mixing department. Very nice and floaty otherwise though.
Yep... That's the one.....
Too much background, the lead is weak

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