Defiance & Hazel - Druid II (Stonehenge conspiracy)

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Nice take on Druid 2 - which can be a hard piece to do something with. The lads make a great effort though, and this is one danceable tune!
Some tunes in my eyes are sacrisenct and should not be turned into dance mixes. This is one of them. It's a bit too trance by numbers in parts and loses all the emotion - it sounds nice enough, but...
Cool, but for a dance-version of Druid 2 I would have wanted something more than ordinary trance. Some mystic stuff maybe to match the game? The "Aliens" remix by Hazel was a good example on when it really worked, bringing horror to the danceflo
Awesome Tune. Love the energy it spread's around! BooMbastic club tune. Love to the whole Rhythmstuff and the gorgeous Breakbeat @ around 2min. Really really great work. Big Up 4 this.
I didn't like the intro, but when the groove kicked in I got blown off my chair, it's really fierceful, but the druid theme is kind of suppressed. Overall very danceable groovy piece I could listen to many times...
Like Dafunk... But sometimes I feel you guys forget that the challenge is in making a remix into something totaly different from the original, and that should be rewarded too! ... But still, it's mainstream... An orange from me.
Great breakbeat, but at times the arrangement feels haphazard. Good effort, something different.
Great beats :)
The wrong notes in the intro melody spoil it for me. Doesn't feel good to listen to!
I just found my favourite Druid II arrangement :)
Another stomper which I suspect is thanks to Hazel's influence. A nice enough Druid II remix but doesn't top Sonic's
Simply outstanding, I love it!
COWABUNGA! Powerful stuff!! I'm ready to go!

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