Defiance - Lazy Jones (Nuclear Medley)

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Pretty good effort. Maybe a bit too over-reliant on the Unz, but what's there is solid enough and does a better job of subtune 21 than Kernkraft 400!
Nothing new, no fresh ideas whatsoever for Lazy Jones.
Pretty decent bass but the song itself delivers nothing to bring a special feeling.
Average techno tune with millions of arpeggios/delays. In this case less is more IMHO. No new perspective.
Too disjointed
I might be wrong but... Hey I really like this. ;) Strange, yet compelling game that Lazy Jones.
The individual sections don't flow into each other very well. Lackluster arrangement, so-so instruments, okay mixing.
Just as boring as the original SID. And this is NOT a compliment! Its professional sound saves this tune from being absolute crap.
Yep, it didn't really add much, but totally ok technically
Far too hollow and tried and tested, needs alot more work to stand out from the crowd.. Tune has been done better before not a bad start I hope defiance keeps trying theres some potential here
I like it :)
Average work, same synth through entire track is bad idea. Innovation can make it better.
Better than Zombie Nation...
I just like it!
Washed with a bit too much fabric softener. Would have wished for a little more power. Intensity rises slowly in the middle but not high enough.
Needed more power, especially in the bass, but I do really like this mix and enjoyed listening to it. I thought we weren't supposed to compare to other mixes?

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