Defiance - Thundercats (Breadsex & Butter)

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Thundercats? Oh really?
Well, I don't know what to vote really. It is a very cool techno tune, no doubt about it. But indeed, where's Thundercats?
This would probably sound great in some shitty MTV generation movie
Okay, this is just some dance tune that was knocked together in half an hour and just seems to be a bog standard dance thing. I'd just like to know where the hell Thundercats actually is in all this. It's just not very good.
First up, no audible references to Thundercats and the breadsex is WAY to internal to even be worth trying to exploit. Sorry, but Thundercats(birds, though ;)) are not GO.
Wtf? Where is Thundercats?
Loop + loop + yeast + copulation = crap
I guess you were really stoned or drunk... Where is Thundercats?
Quite cool sound, but no melody... And, Thundercats???
Just plain bad
Annoying and repetitive, if you ask me.
Bland, but not as bad as Ziphoid's Thunderbirds joke.
"Ooh, bread"??? The girl must be really hungry. Nice sample, but the rest...
Not bad but there's no element about the original tune
Only makes me hungry.
... Uhm? Best thing about this is the beat.
Apart from overly lenght, this one feels like a loop-based radio spot bed that I have to slap together in 5 minutes sometimes. The only difference is the quality of loops. On my side...

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