Dekubitussi - Cakes taste Good

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I didn´t know that kjell committed suicide back in 2005.
Now his songs have another meaning to me, so when i try to remix a new song it will another one from this great comoposer.

Arrangement is fine, but the mixing seems a little all over the place in terms of volume and mastering. A few tweaks needed but promising.
Again, could have been great, but needs more mastering and the fast stereo ping-pong gets annoying very quickly.
Quirky bass sound but too short, have another crack at it and see what you come out with
I like the arrangement and overall track, but it however needs some mastering. The levels are WAY low. Could be a bit longer as well.:)
This is excellently weird, with strange panning effects and good guitar work, . Its very quiet though (a quick normailze fixed it for me)
'Tis good, but it's missing a spark of something. Quality work though, it still capture's Kjell's musical quirkiness quite well.
This is sweet and captures the SiD perfectly, a fitting tribute to Kjell
Although it is not perfect (listen to the boys above) I think the idea is somewhat awesome. Kjell's music was so special (R. I. P.)... It is not easy to expand the tune after he finsihed the way he did - but it is worth trying ;)

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