Dekubitussi - Turrican II

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Dekubitussi Remixer
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Well, I don't know much about guitar-playing, but I've listened to Turrican II enough to feel it could have been done better.
Notes are off, also sounds very noisy in the background.
Very messy stuff, instruments drowns out in the sound, and the drums sound too weak. Remix.
I like it, it's groovy
Where's the bass? Why so much reverb? The playing skills seem to be there, but the sound quality is too bad to really enjoy this piece of whatever.
Yeah, you need better mastering. Amongst other things.. Omoroca said it. BASS WHERE??
Hm. Not quite my cup of tea I guess. I liked "The truth 2" better.
This is something awful. And where is turrican?
I'm so sorry. But this is just terrible. (For now)
Like the guitar play at the end. But the rest isn't optimal. The band needs more practise ;) And the mixing needs to be upped a few levels as well. The rhytmguitar and hihats are too dominating. It sounds like mud.
Sounds very live, but also sounds very much like it was recorded outside a garage within a room with metal walls that have no sound dampening whatsoever. I love distortion; but this sounds like unintended badly placed recording equipment echo distortion.
Don't be sad. Feel better now?:)
Can't listen to this, oh no.
Reeeeeeeverb over all = mistake!
Hmm.. Nice guitar playing and rock, but imo this songs does not belong to remix64
Very noisy...
I don't say this very often, but I COMPLETELY agree with omoroca.
Too bad it's badly produced...

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