Typhus 1

Track info
Arranged by:
Dekubitussi Remixer
Composed by:
Jens-Christian Huus
All-Time charts position:
Really nice guitar, sounds well played, but the over all arrangement feels cheap and muddy. The drum samples used feel cheap, and lifeless, with very little dynamics. The guitar is too in your face, and completely dominates the mix.
I like some of the guitars, but its overall way too messy and chaotic. This is average.
I guess it was supposed to sounds like a poor garage band, so I won't be picky about it, but as Makke said: the dynamic range is too narrow. It could sound good if it was well mixed though.
Maybe if it hadn't been so faithful to the original, it would have been much better.
The drums can't convince me, but some extra points for the guitars, bro!
Agrees with the people above, didn't enjoy the piece really much but I forsee a remix-potential in your guitar skills :-)
Way to fast and the guitar beats to much in the song, I dont know what i´m listening here.
Agreed with Makke, almost no drums, and muddy sounds all over the place.

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