DelMurice - M.U.L.E. (Mule-Funk-Shun)

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DelMurice Remixer
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I think I can see what he's trying to do but it simply doesn't do it for me. I truly loathe some of the sounds as well. A polish would be needed.
A promising start is let down by the real annoying brass samples that play the lead. The drums are quite good though!
I find this arrangement kinda cute actually. It could use some more work, though...
The inconsistent volume of the bass is highly annoying. The drums are really good! The brass is a bit so-so. I like the idea, but the arrangement is a bit on the thin side and could use an all over polish.
The idea's nice, but those lead instruments just smack of Pinball Mania, the old Amiga and PC game, particularly the football table which I played a lot. As such I just feel it's a little too Amiga MODdy in places and needs more work on the arrangement.
Props for the drum-wank which could be live? Still, the rest is just MIDI to my ears.
Interesting idea, as noted the bass volume changes and sounds really naff. A bit midi but a good effort
Funny. Those cheesy brass stabs remind me of the tunes Lee Evans does for his stage shows.
Hmm.. It reminds me GM file
Just sounds too plain in my ears...
Good job compared to the sid
The sound is a bit dry. Kinda sounds like plain SB2 midi instruments
Maybe a nice idea in general if not so badly executed overall! Sorry...
I like it. It's a bit sparse, but somehow that seems to suit the mood.
Has its kinks here and there but's FUN!
Quite underrated... It's funny to listen anyways
I think this remix keeps the funny-funky spirit of the original alive. Yeah, sure, it lacks on instrumentation, but it's funny!
Not good. Not good at all.
Compared with Mahoney's Aerobics in the jungle mix, this one's rather not-so-groundbreaking.
Groovy and fun! One of my favourite M. U. L. E. Theme renditions.

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