Destructavator - Test Drive 2 The Duel (2009 Electronic Rock Mix)

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Hmm where is the feeling of this sid I cant find it in this remix... There is something wrong but not bad at all
Not bad. But it sounds wrong at someparts and a bit much reverb for my taste.
The guitar timing is out and its not even live, so no excuse.
This is pretty bad.
Yes, too much reverb... The start is good in my ears. I don't think the guitar fits very well. Would have loved a different twist on the sound from the start...
Mixed emotions here - therefore the average grade. Correct: The guitars are not timed however the feeling from the old SID is ok due to the electronic bass lead. Put more variation in it next time and better technique :-)
Arrgh! My eardrums! Had to turn this one off after 1:30!
Guitar is problem in remix.
I like the guitar playing, it's all well mixed, but there are too many incorrect notes and disharmonious sections for my ears.
Not bad, and good idea with the guitar. But some tunes (notes) are not matching to the original.

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