Digital Knurd - The Last V8

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Interesting, some Trenz Raznor elements in here. A bit too harsh...
A fresh take on v8. Well done!
The intro made me think we'll have something REALLY special here, it even made me smile. But the overly fat base and synth strings and the over-the-top compression destroyed that feeling. Replace those and it would get top votes from me!
Really interesting at first. However it looses finesse when it "starts". And I really dislike the drums. But all in all it's ok I think. Would have been better with a more careful choice of instruments that mix better
That`s a very interesting Remix, that`s for sure
Theres just a little too much reverberation going on with this, it sounds a bit like its being played from inside a tunnel. A few more dry signals on the bass/drums would have helped. Nothing at all wrong with composition though and tune wise its catchy.
Apart from overusing ambient FX, it is a rather nice and fresh style rendition. A little diversity never hurts.
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So, its the last v8.. One of those tunes that Hubbardites hold high and tend to dance around like the monolith in 2001 a space oddessy.. Whats different about this one?

lets have a listen.

Well it starts with a bass noise which sounds lifted from one of those old 60's beach movies and though it does feel out of place, it does work.. so kudos for that.

we move pretty swiftly into a high paced drum and bass affair, which pretty much copies the original tune note for note but with a driving over compressed and slightly too bouncy in reverb drum pattern (which does change and variate as the tune goes on which is a good thing.. its very easy to make a quick 16bar drumloop and just loop it, at least knurd has changed things up nicely).. theres not much else to it that can be pointed out.

The upsides of the tune, is that its the last v8 .. its a classic c64 tune and its composed near perfect so if your looking for a v8 tune.. here ya go.

the downsides, the reverb, its been over used im afraid and I cant stress just how much it does sound like your listening to it inside a tunnel, admittedly its not like its 20 yards down the tunnel, your close to the sound source but it does muddy things up a bit and could do with a few more dry signals and a better use of the stereo feild.

Overall, theres a fair bit of talent here on show, and it'll be interesting to see what knurd comes up with next (hopefully he/she does) and again if your looking for a v8 remix this isnt a bad one to pick aslong as you turn off any natural reverb your player already has on.