DJ Mitch - Flight Path 737 (Airport 380 Trance Mix)

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Flight Path 737 (Airport 380 Trance Mix)
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DJ Mitch Remixer
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It's trance for trance's sake. No matter how good the trance part it, it's just not the right way to approach this SID. And it just doesn't convey any feeling apart from being another throwaway trance effort. Could do better. And it's far too long!
I think for a trance tune it has come over very well. The Bassline for example is very well done and there's some subtle touches that sets it away from the bog standard Trance remake. There's quite a bit of invention into this mix that sets it apart
This worked out actually very well as I was waiting for it to all go horribly wrong, excellent use of the sid, just a shame it was trance ;)
Vanilla trance. It's pretty ok, but nothing that'll make your trousers fall off.
Reminds me of 1995 when trance was just coming into the british conciousness and we were being introduced to the paul van dykes and ferry corstens of this world.. Not a bad effort at all.. Cannot grumble as a certain english person would say ;)
Quite good and it shows promise. For what it presents though, it appears somewhat lengthy. I became aware of the original through the masterful and virtuous Tim Forsyth remix and although that is still my favourite I cannot regret more remixes of it.
Maybe it's because this was my first computer game ever but I like this very much. Great arrangement and nice touch with the jet thrust...
Good allround feel to this nothing great, nothing bad but could of done with being a bit shorter.
It's ok...
Leadsynth kinda ruins the VG mark. Else it's an ok tune.
Trance me away to a beach I say, then let me just dance for a night til today, when the sun is back - then just trance me away..... (Repeat)
Extremely well done dance mix. Reminiscent of "It's a sin" at times.
Sounds more like a circus then an airport.. Also failing to find the 'trance' part.. Or was that just me?
Boring but technically Ok. (Looks like this has become my standard comment for any Trance remix)
As a standalone trance track, its well done. As a remix of 737, it just doesnt sit that well for me. The main melody feels stilted just to fit in with the trance. Strange choice of tune to remix I guess, but overall its an interesting listen anyway
Over the years this has become a big favorite of mine. Lots of the great touches, and the fact that its rhythm parts ways with the original actually works to its advantage.

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