DJ Mitch - The Human Race (Pop goes Classics)

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The Human Race (Pop goes Classics)
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DJ Mitch Remixer
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the human race

Yes, you're right! There are a lot of human race remixes for sure. But I really loved the game in my childhood and I still love the tune. So it was one of my favorite wishes to remix it. Well, here it is. N-Joy it!😉

A valiant effort at Human Race, done in a very pop-orientated fashion and it's really cute. But... DHS' version still shades it for me.
Unfortunately the guitar just smacks of virtual guitarist in a bad way and the lead instrument is to attacking. Nice enoguh remix though.
Technically high quality, artisticly it's a bit all over. Love the opening guitar, don't like the strings after that. It's quite a tour de force and has its moments, but the arrangement is not very consistent.
Nice, but the instruments are not well balanced.
Has a cliff hanger end of a series happy ending, end credits to a program feel to it (if that makes sense) To cut it short, I really do like this quitea bit.
A very differejtm approach to this - yes DHS's is great, but I just love this - its great.
Well done. The drums are a bit too much, though.
The intentions were good, merely the execution suffers a little. More emphasis on the drums, less choir!
Nice mixture of different styles. It could use a bit more compression on certain instruments. I like the arrangement and the overall feel is very good. It's kinda epic. Thumbs up nevertheless!
Very nice Style mix its youre best 64 remix I know
I think this reaches up to DHS's version. It feels a bit thin at some parts, but overall the tune is class. I love the choir, especially when it's in the background. This is definately a red. Makes me feel warm inside.
Yeah, cool, just bit synty orchestra, but energic mix
The drums stands out in a strange way. I get this kind of Euro songcontest feeling out of this. Still not a bad tune.
The lead instrument kinda ruins this for me, but the arrangement is sweet and the overall idea is great.
What an outstanding remix :-)
Would love to hear it without drums... Anyway, very very good remix!
Guitar Samples... Bah! :-) It's still very good!
It´s hard to not get it right with the Human race tune which is a true classic!
Was always gonna be hard to match up to the oustanding DHS version but this is pop-tastic and a swivel in your seat tune
I really like this-it's just great to listen to - surely the most important factor of writing a remix. Well done
I'm not a specialist but this version sounds very great to me!!
This is just great :)
Just love it. For me, the drums make it what it is. Great work!
Suuuper weiter so ich will mehr hören....
I like it - it´s having such a nice chilling touch ;o)
The overall feel to it is nice!
Nice and top hit!
Good, but too "inspired" by DHS version (that is 3 years older and has much more clear sound)
I like the arrangement.
Good effort but the lead melodies lack punch, its all a bit safe and nice. Again though a lot of effort put in. Its good.

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