DJ Mitch - Wings of Fury (Orchestral)

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Wings of Fury (Orchestral)
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DJ Mitch Remixer
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Give this a better sample set and it would be very good.
Even though in parts it sounds a bit too synthetic orchestra by numbers, it's nonetheless stirring enough with the right feel there. Needs tweaking in the mixing department, but solid enough nonetheless.
Sounds closer to Mike Oldfield's experimental (non guitar) work and does that quite well. Orchestrally however the sample set doesn't do the mix justice although the overall mix is very well done.
Quite OK, but nothing more
One of the bester "orcestral" tunes. But a bit weak use of instruments. The drumroll is annoying.
This is good stuff, it has a nice touch of rythm and flow. The only thing that is missing is nice instrument sounds.. Unfortunatly that hurts..
Nice idea, but orchestral is not as strong as it should :(
Where is the orchestra? If you do not have the instrument-set, please do not try it again or ask markus for help :-) besides it's flat and uninspired
Sounds way too flat and 'midi'sh!! :-/ Sorry...
Try playing with velocity levels a little more - the drums for example sound like they are played at a flat volume - this makes it sound very mechanical.
Is it Christmas already? The mixing is quite strange, the sounds are MIDish. Emotionally, this works quite well, though.

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