Dj Space - Double Dragon (on a dance mission)

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Dj Space Veteran
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Nothing special, do like the start tho.
He's got a loop, and by golly he's going to use it! Sounds are a little flat for clubland? Ah, what do I know, an old fogie like me?
Cool intro, but the rest.... This volume hackin' up and down on the lead is a bit annoying.
Its cool, sounds very house like. :) Keep on remixing
The volume pulsing throughout the tune drives me nuts. Instrumentation is so-so, arrangement is not very interesting.
Volume pumps too much, there is something wrong with the lead and it's not very strong in the arrangement department - but apart from that, it's not bad.
Don't like the pulsing volume.
Could have been so much more if you used more of the melodies instead of repeating the same one over and over.
Bouncing Repetition. 'Nuff said.
10 years ago, a remix like this would've been awesome. Nowadays, it's just an Ok remix.
It's OK, but that volume shifting is really a bit annoying.
Nice song, but the compression really destroys the lovely lead. That brings down the score. IMHO the lead is more important than the basedrum.
Totally forgot to vote this good piece. =) Thanks.

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