DJ Topshelf - Wormsign (Atreides Remix)

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DJ Topshelf Remixer
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Rather good mixing but it lacks the thing of being interesting. 16 bit sounds are not enought. Get bold, get out of the frame and surprise us instead. A bit dull IMO.
One of my all time fav Amiga soundtracks, so expetations are high. Topshelf has done a good job here, staying with the original feel of the track, with added electronica. Good job.
Nice! Still stays true to the original but adds a nice feel to it.
I dunno the orig, but it sounds good.
Weeee a dune remix, thought only bart klepka had the monopoly on these things :p, great little idea slightly thinned out though could have been alot better but as it stands its still a great little tune
Never heard the Org. But this wasn't my cup of tea, sorry.
Very nice cool chill out sound, but not that interesting
It's OK, but a little boring.
Just not workin for me
Well done. Like it.:-)
Very forgettable

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