DjUnz! feat Perhaps-a-Doobie - Think Twice III (Frankie Boz Edit)

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Sorry to all involved... But NO
It's DjUNZ! Not his best remix though.... Almost works
Doesn't work! - Wish Unz would have used the background for a serious version of this track.
I quite enjoyed it... The bass in the beginning SO reminds me of the bass in The Hall Of Mirrors from Kraftwerks T. E. E. -album.
Hah! This is outstanding and utterly bad at the same time. I think I'll settle for a compromise. *lol*
Something's not quite right with the tune - it definitely needs the vocals dropping and a bit more crash on the snare to really give it some oomph.
Unbalanced and of course ugly voice...
Average... No fish - no flesh... Doesn't work for me... Sorry!
I think this is very nice.. Like this one very much.. Yes the vocals sounds a bit strange but I do like them anyway... GOOD!
You are sick!;-)
Candi staton vs boz = \o/... Funny stuff even 2nd time around
Nah, main tune is ok, but the vocal is just embarrassing to listen to.
Outstanding!!! The singer sings brilliant!!!! It´s on repeat now!
Great instrumentation, horrible singing. But it's fun! 'Nuff said.
Fun is the right word. If only that voice didn't quiver and break. Ha.
The music's technically Ok, but the Perhaps-a-Doobie kind of humor doesn't work for me any more. Especially not with those distortion effects.
I think its quite OK
The vocals + the sound + arrangement = boring
He sounds like Brian Ferry, this is not a good thing.. But as for comedy value its cheesetastic, the production and instruments are a bit rough though.
Haha, comic, epic.

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