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Doctorrus Petrixuss - Last Ninja 3 (Set by One Doctor & Andrea mix)

Track info
Last Ninja 3 (Set by One Doctor & Andrea mix)
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This is a little too weird for me unfortunately... Repetitive and basically noise. I guess it just falls over the wrong side of the threshold.
Technically interesting rendition, that unfortunately suffers from being very VERY repetitive. And about 5 minutes too long.
Yep, that's longer and more repetitive than supposed to be, making it over the top from most of the experimental listener rabbits points of view I guess... But what an idea! Slightly reminds me of early Kraftwerk tracks from '70s.
Interesting tune, but not a very pleasant one!
Im having flashbacks to Sakana Faerges Lightforce remix. Really innovativ piece.
To call it experimental would be a major understatement. Not enough variation in here to keep me interested. It's like an impromptu jam session that happened to get recorded. Could use more polishing to be in 'releasable' form.
It reminds me of Autechre, the mixing is weird with no bass but I like certain sections, respect for being experimental!
Interesting start, but very repetitive for me
Interesting Aphex Twin take on Last Ninja 3. Experimental Yes!
To Long and tedious.
Very very interesting soundscape you got here. Doesn't really have any of the retroish feel but the original tune has kinda weird atmosphere too. Nice job.
I miss variation, too linear fo me, sorry!
Ehhhh.... No I guess. ;) not my style

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