donskeeto - Spy VS Spy (Knurd Rock Remix)

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donskeeto Remixer
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It tries to be a little too chip-modesque at the start before giving way to rock guitar, which is all very well but it just doesn't sound that coherent to me.
Can't get quite knurd hearing that tune. The idea is good although the implementation of that idea has some issues with repetitions and mixing - especially in the volume department - it's still good, but could be so much better.
Poor intro. I didn't like the white noise before the guitar starts. The rest is quite alright.
I find the starting section quite twee, but the rest does its job with the guitars and drums sufficiently. Pity to say this isn't rock-on material.
Sounds a bit muffled and lacks wider range of frequencies (although is probably more difficult if recorded), a bit repetative but still noble effort.
Very disjointed and a bit ill thought out, the sound is pretty bad too, the mixing is non existant, it fades in and out towards the middle (the thrash stuff) the guitar playing though is fine.
Muddy and poor mixing. Nothing wrong at all with the guitar playing, but the context it's put in just don't enhance it very well.
The last of the 4 chords is wrong. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun recording this, but it's not so much fun to listen to.
Just as infamous said, the volume level goes a bit mental in the middle, but overall is too low and muddy. The bass is hard to hear at normal volume levels, and the lead guitar does remind me a hell of a lot of the original ST-01: leadguitar sample.
Works for me (perhaps a bit repetitive). Sounds muddy, as others have pointed out
Intro is way too cheezy. Sound quality is muddy at best, good guitar skills, fun arrangment if a bit simple.
The Machinae Supremacy inspires a lot of new remakers, I see ;) Good try, the guitars sounds a bit too sequenced to get a greater mark.
Not bad and with better mixing/balancing this could be really good...
Hey.. I like this one, but is the bassline at the begining serious? :)... The leadguitar should be more distorted too

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