Doron Deutsch - Kung Fu master jam

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Sorry but when u do record something make sure u have a proper "grounding" on your instruments they are noisy and ruin a very good performance
Jep. The sound is terrible!
Pure garage-sound :-) Not terrible, but not my kind of stuff...
This is the sort of thing I'd keep private for myself. It can be fun jamming in the rehearsal room but usually any recorded material aren't meant to be uploaded.
I somehow like this track and its rough sound. It reminds me of jammin' around in the rehearsal room with my band. ~sigh~
Well.. Garage-sound sounds like crap, as opposed to studio-sound, which sounds like remastered crap. So what you'll get is a pure garage-crap rating. Just to prevent any chance of a non-garage-like commercial sellout and keep it underground!;-)
Yellow because of your courage to publish this garage-sound-remix here.
Orange for havin' a go - good onyas!
Nice idea to let the whole community take part in your rehearsal session! Although I prefer to listen to tunes AFTER the artist has finished practicing. Sorry!
Well, I enjoyed it. Did exactly what it said on the tin, it was a pretty inventive, fun lo-fi jam session, well captured. If anybody was expecting more than that, then there's no pleasing some people.
Average with a medium-sized chunk of fun = quite good. And it certainly delivers the "jam" part well.
Okay for a garage-band sound, okay for a jam session, not okay for a general release. Sounds like some bootleg. Still, some neat ideas in there.
Fun Jam! Those who complain probably don't understand the spirit of a jam or even an improv (crucial in jazz, mind you).
You need more cowbell! I mean, you need more practice! Some parts are really good, but the overall feeling is that you need to practice a bit more. Jamming or not!
I really enjoy this for what it is, but when the novelty wears off there's not that much substance.

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