Dreamtime - Turrican 2 Main Title (Dosk Mix)

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Dreamtime Remixer
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I have always been a big fan of Turrican soundtracks and especially the title theme from Turrican 2. I wanted to create a remix that would capture the original spirit but make it all a bit more fresh sounding. So nothing too fancy - just pure Turrican power synth goodness.
Awesome. Like it's meant to be! Great Job!!! MORE!
Quite nice, I must say.
Excellent remix of my favorite Amiga tune.
Great remix of one of my all time favourites, faithful to the original but yet with enough own spice!
Excellent remix!
Nice tune! I really like it.
I love Turrican II and Turrican III Main Title songs. This mix is perfect!
Great Version of an All Time Fav! Good work!
Too close to the original IMO.
Better than Original, more Powerfull. This one Rocks like Hell!
Excellent production. Great instruments. Awesome.
I start to move, if I hear it - it's rock...
Really captures the old Turrican spirit, and keeps it alive :) Excellent remix
WOW! This damn remix gave me some goosebumps!
Outstanding remix. One of the best tracks here. Please do more like this. Great job :)
Probably the best remix for this song ever made, probably for staying very faithful to the original yet with enough differences to hear it's a remix!
Very very nice rendition of the original song. Excellent choice of sounds and the beat makes for a nice forward-drift. Not liking the added T1 voice sample in there, but that's really minor! Well done :)
At first I was irritaded because of the T1 Voice, but than I was catched by this great T2 Remix. Great done!!!
Best T2 title remix on this site.
Great! I personally prefer it when remixes are closer to the original (more like covers! ) than too much away in style. So thumbs up!:)
Great remix, but sounds a bit dull for me.
Nicely mixed, decent instruments.
Review by Dirkes


Artistic skill

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Fast and powerfull sound-track with good soundarragements. Exact beats - very nice.