Monty On The Run (I've Heard This Song Before)

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Arranged by:
druu Remixer
Composed by:
Rob Hubbard
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After 4 months in the making, may I present to you: Monty on the Run


A bouncy, easy going, yet challenging rendition.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!



Personal Bonus Points:

> had to improve my almost non-existent piano skills
> spent way too long figuring out a way to emulate an old vinyl with wobbling tempo/pitch
> learned a lot regarding mixing and EQ'ing



Very nice! I must confess that the honkytonk piano breaks are fantastic!:)
Interesting chippy interpretation with an unexpected Western Saloon Piano break and other twists. Like!
Nicely done! Love the instruments (well, maybe not the saloon piano) and the dubstep elements. Added to collection!
Nice version of Monty on the Run. I just don't think dubstep works in this song. But its not a bad song.
Fantastic remix. Nice and crisp. Great bass sounds
Another amazing remix from druu, keep up the good work. The honkytonk piano is a nice touch. Just lovely
Great in sound and idea. Piano part is so cool!
Fun, original and technically very good. I don't do dubstep, but this unusual blend of chiptune, honkytonk and dubstep works oddly enough. Great stuff, and well done!!
It's mostly a dubstep wobbler with honky-tonk piano here and there. I like both, but I wish the piano part were separated out to its own, I think that would be great by itself!
Simply fun to listen! Your best remix so far, some of the earlier ones were a bit too stressful for my taste. Bonus for great dynamic range!
Nicely done!
The piano part is fantastic
SIDdy sounds, wubs, AWESOME '30s sounding piano spice, nice punch overall the track and everything done with style - I'm definitely smiling here!
Technically a really good and I imagine challenging piece, but it just doesn't grab me, feels a little sparse. On the vinyl thing try the free plugin from Izotope (not that you did a bad job here, just might save you some time :) ).
Damn! You Rock!
Review by McLord


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

This remix is really involving and the part of piano is quite simply brilliant. I liked the first listening.