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druu - Supremacy

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druu Remixer
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I love the remix and I love the fact it is done in dubstep style. Just too bad you didn't get all my notes right. But thanks for the effort! :-) I enjoyed it.
Indeed a very good dubstep interpretation of one of JT's greatest sids! I do agree with the master himself that not all notes are right.... But very enjoyable to listen to!! Cheers! P2 / heatw@ve
Dubstep is the new fad, so no surprise it shows up on RKO nowadays, but it feels forced onto this tune. It would be nice to have a pause in the wobble bass from time to time, cause it just drones on. Great mix, the style just doesn't seem to fit the tune.
I think the dubstep goes very well with this tune, and you made an excellent job putting this pile of awesomeness together. I love it.:)
Have to be honest... I like the dubstep part isolated but the combination of supremacy and dubstep is just not right in my ears... Still good effort and good sound!
An interesting different take on an oft remixed track!
Not a fan of dubstep usually, but I like this!
It doesn't really get much better than this, druu your a master, thankyou ;-)
Good stuff but too many notes are off in the melody. I miss a part where it pushes the power on. It feels like a plane that keeps on taking off but never leaves the ground.
Very good approach, but wrong melody at 0:41 ruins it! :-(
Slightly too repetitive/predictable with the wobbles and having off notes, but stll landing an orange? Yeah, I love dubstep, and this is nicely done and very enjoyable to listen to!
Love it. Great instrumentation and groove!
Nice job! A bit less wobbles or some twist missing to make it outstanding (Wizardry has that extra).
Yaaay, here is Jeroen Tel :)
My second favorite Supremacy remix next to the one by LukHASH
Review by Jeroentel


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This is clearly a very good remix of one of my tunes. The dubstep style is really pleasing to the ears. I only wish that all the original melody notes would have been considered. Right now it's an interpretation, but it still does a lot of justice to the original tune. Way to go druu! Keep 'm coming.