Eco - Starball (synthphonic)

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Arranged by:
Eco Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Chris Hülsbeck
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At first this was planned to be a pure piano track. Very soon I felt I needed more. So I added some slow string chords. But that wasn't enough. So I put in more strings... and cellos...and on and on. At the end I got something that could be called orchestrated although I have absolutely no clue about such things. As I got the hint that the piano sounded to artificial in the first version I completely rearranged this in Cubasis. All the rest was done in Renoise. The whole instrumentation only consists of absolutely free VST (mainly by DSK) and some free soundfonts. Ofcourse this can't mess with a real orchestraand and I know that some people will dislike it because of this (hello, omoroca). Atleast I simply tried to do the best with the stuff I had around and - maybe most important - do something I've never done before.
I like this, though a few notes sadly sound a little off.
I vote "red", even if some fine-tuning in the piano settings could improve this remix. Without drums, but very enjoyable! Thanks 4 this remix!
Very nice and relaxing tune.
A fine piece of piano-playing.
A little quiet, but a thoroughly enjoyable piece.
Very nice piano-oriented piece, it has emotion. The strings take over the lead just when they should. Great arrangement, a bit short on mastering, but otherwise well-done.
Brilliant piano remix! Beautiful and with emotion. I particularly like the quieter parts.
I like the emotion and dynamics of this piece but the piano sound and orchestral programming is awful.
It has this something... The arrangment of instruments and build ups
Had the orchestral bits sounded more authentic this would've taken the cake all the way. Good job with only free VSTi's though!

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