Ball Blasta (rock version)

Track info
Ball Blasta (rock version)
Arranged by:
Emre Bulsat Veteran
Composed by:
Adam Gilmore
All-Time charts position:
Well executred rock rendition of yet another Gilmore SID. The guitars are obviously sythentic but it is well mixed and the drums are excellent for a machine..
Nice synth rock rendition. Even if the guitars aren't real it still has enough energy to feel right, and it's mixed well. Ramp up the dirtiness a bit and you're on a winner.
Empty and unsatisfying. Plus the high and mid frequencies hurt my ears. Ow. Watch Romeo get his hands on this...
This could do with a bit more variation and better mixing.
I'm not sure. Slayer isn't even used to it's full potential here. It feels halfarsed. It doesn't sound enough "synthetic" to be a synth-rock mix. It doesn't sound "real" enough to be a real rock mix. It falls between the chairs for me.
Nah, not something for my taste. The 'guitar' is too loud and annoying for my ears. The drums are quite ok, but sounds a bit stiff. The lead guitar actually sounds like someone has distortet an electric piano.
Not bad for tapping yer foot along to the drums but where is the "rawk" I was looking forward to?
Not bad but it'll be forgotten by the end of the week..
The sound is just too plain...
Very generic. And I don't hear anything that rocks in this remix.
Too synth stlye for me with most of the instruments. Sounds too empty somehow. The additional echoFX on the guitars doesn't help that one either...
Too much high frequencies... Too boring...
Sounds a little odd, but that's not Emre's fault, bc the original contains the same oddity. But the instumentation is a little getting-on-my-nerves, especially the lead.
Uninspiring structure, wimpy instuments - and on top of that: where the heck is the rock in it?!? It doesn't kick ass at all...

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