Emre Bulsat - Commando (Summer Fiesta Mix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Emre Bulsat Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Rob Hubbard
All-Time charts position:
Another dance style C64 remix. Rob Hubbard's Commando is very popular sid tune. So I wanted to remix this sound. in this project, I used acquaintance summer fiesta chords, nice bassline, saw lead, some vocals, a bit of DARBUKA & oriental Hit-Hat  and original sid tune.
Move & Shake your body
The idea is fresh and nice, but the whole thing could use a little more drive.
I really liked this one!!! A chillin' latino-touch to the commando theme, works fine with me. Good work!
Joyfull mix, makes my feet restless.
Crazy mixture but it kinda works... :D
Well that was a bit different to the norm!
Cool Stuff :D
The female vocal doesnt fit.
Hehe, really sounds like the sunclub - fiesta :) very nice idea, but I hate that spanish voice. Still, very original.
Some really nice ideas for a dancey tune, but some questionable choices in arrangement taint it, because they make it sound haphazard and a bit chaotic.
Its beautifully produced but it just doesnt work properly
Okay produced but very boring. Nothing special at all. Sorry
No good
Great to hear something different with an often remixed SID, but I don't think this worked.
Hey Emre! The 90s just called to say they want their Rob-Hubbard-Remix back!
I am normally a huge fan, Emre, but to be honest this is definately not one of your best productions. You get a good grade for the idea/intention and sample quality, but more Dream'n'Trance and less misplaced vocals in the future remixes, promise? :-D
I like the style and originality. Might be even better with a little more variation, dropping the female voice and shortening it a bit.
If it wasn't for the female vocal parts this would have been really outstanding. Very nice beat that works perfect with Hubbards classic tune.
Competent but dreary, with cheesy vocal samples and bad synths. Oddly, the chopped-up version of the original SID would be much more interesting to hear on its own.

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