Lazy Jones (stage stardust)

Track info
Arranged by:
Emre Bulsat Veteran
Composed by:
David Whittaker
All-Time charts position:
Very repetitive and too long for that little variation. Nice mixing, though.
Mixing and arrangement is okay in terms of what it does, but it's three minutes too long in my view. Cut it out and condense it to make it more punchy.
The high-end grates on the nerves after 30 seconds; even the punchy drumbeat can't save it, unfortunately.
Way too long for something so minamilistic and unimaginative
Technically this deserves a 'good' vote. Knocked down a notch due to it being very repetitive.
Not bad. I like the idea. Downsides: too long for the variation and it is slightly overcomressed.
Lazy Jones tune consists of around 20 sub-tunes which are semi-randomly and very seamlesly played together... This only remixes only one of those I think :(
The bass drum is messing this up badly, the over compression and limiting is causing the volume level to fade every beat, I'm not sure if you wanted this effect but it sucks.
This is not that worst then its voted -. - I like minimalistic mixes and nice beats
Too minimalistic and too repetitive for my taste. The entire tune seems to be "pulsing", possible due to extreme compression settings.
Starts nice, but then it gets too monotonous.
Really simple song on the surface, but very well executed. Love it.
Nice, but a little bit too monotone.

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