Rainbow Dragon

Track info
Arranged by:
Emre Bulsat Veteran
Composed by:
Ben Daglish & Tony Crowther
All-Time charts position:
Nice and pleasing but would have been better to release a few years ago
Could be slightly cleaner. He's done pretty well with average material to work with.
Nice effort all round, and has the right amount of pace and beat. Instruments could have been better chosen in parts but some solid work here.
Quite nice. A little flat, production-wise, and could do with more variety.
Very interesting beginning, but I expected a little more ideas.
The intro left much to expect, but the expectations werent met.
Good song, but lacked something... More depth?
Nice and simple, nothing new nothing special but it holds my attention by being rather catchy.
Good one! Still, I think it can be done better.
Again I'm on-par with Lman.
It has all the right elements, maybe just not enough of them. The arrangement works, the instrument selection is good, but it's not "deep" or funky enough.
Nice... Bit flat on some instruments...
Nice work. I miss abit more siddish sounds, but I like this synthi-party-mix
If this had been released in the 90's, I would've gone "Wow! ", but we have 2007, and the style is too old-fashioned and BIT1-like to meet today's demands.
Reminds very to "Rondo Venziano", but a ear candy of course!
Nice funky stuff! It just gets better every time ;-)

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