Strike Force (noise progress mix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Emre Bulsat Veteran
Composed by:
Michael Hendriks
All-Time charts position:
Strike force intromusic is one of my fav sid. I remixed this sound before, but somehow I remix it again. I like to put intros in my remixes. So this track begins with gramophone like intro. After, I used vocoded speech sounds, dance beat and a lot of sawtooth synths.
I hope you like this dance stuff..:::

By the way,
This is Emrestyle :D Good dancemusic as always
Great remix! Happy new year to all arrangers too! :-P
Technically Ok but not very original!
This is brilliant work. Cool start and as always a great job on the hookline. Needs a bit more originality to give the best grade. But a great way to start 09.
Me like, the intro was the bad part...
VERY good SID choice! FINALLY some _new_ SID here in the list instead of the 1000000 (meanwhile unoriginal) giana remixes and that kind! :-D Please do MORE of sooo many yet UN-REMIXED coooool cult-SID tunes, dudes! :-) THIS is certainly one of them here!
Good one from Emre!
Despite its feet-moving quality, the arrangement is a bit on the simple side - I would've liked to hear more complexity. But it's very good as is.
Conan would like it!;)
If one takes on one of my favourite tunes on the c64 he is bound to lose! I will most probably hate the remix. This I don't, I think it's quite good actually. The bassline could have a more punch though..
It´s a good mix! Just missing a few parts of the original sid, what made this song awesome on the c64.
Not more than good.
A good choice, but the torturing grammar effect in the beginning, detuned all over... Maybe a bit too faithful to the original ;) EDIT: It still remains playing in my mind, for a long period... Excellent work.. Love the robotics... Almost red!=)
One of my favorite remixes here.
Nice one, couldn't make up my mind between good and very good.. The great Strikeforce robotvocal made me decide :)
Wow. Never heard my tune in this refreshing way. Great job. And thank you for choosing this tune. Reminds me of the good old times :)
:-D Masterpiece! :-D

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