Eric - Spy Vs. Spy (Acoustic)

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Eric Remixer
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Good idea to combine a guitar with a harmonica and lyrics that match the gameplay. However, the harmonica is so piercing that it might make your fillings pop out. The idea only just saves this from getting a 'poor' vote from me.
What kwed said. Good idea but it really has to be played at a very low volume if you hold your ears dearly.
So much high frequencies, esp. That piercing harmonica. Not too fond of the vocals.
Had a good laugh but then deleted it right away. The guitars could have used some more tuning.
Marvellous idea, sort of like Metallica unplugged. The harmonica is too bright and sharp, it should be toned down in the mix. Lots of pluses for the idea and the arrangement, but it lacks on execution.
Agreed a good idea and fair attempt. This style is not my cup of tea, but even if it was I doubt I would find it good...
Nice idea to sound like Metallica unplugged with this one, but.. That harmonica is absolutely horrid. It seriously needs dropping from the piece.
Love the tune
Perhaps technically not that great, but nice to hear a new take on something that's been remixed a million times before. I'm not sure if the lack of bass was deliberate, but I actually quite like the way it sounds without it.
Great. The harmonica is not as bad as these people say.
I dont think the harmonica is that annyoing (just a bit).. Thus a good from my side
God damn, this would get a VG mark if it hadn't been for the Harmonica. Learn to play it, PLEASE!:)
Quite innovative and rather fun, don't take this too seriously IMHO
Bob Dylan does Spy Vs Spy! Funny lyrics and not too serious, it made me laugh so gets a good vote :)
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Funny idea and vocals, thumbs up for that. Could be much better if the guitars were properly tuned to match the harmonica.

Speaking of the harmonica: additionally to being off tune with the main guitar, it sounds very harsh and piercing in the mix with too much treble.

Overall good effort with weak points in the production department.