Espen Gätzschmann / TiLT - Super Cars 2

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Original composed by:
Barry Leitch
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Faithful cover. Good mix, but it lacks some energy.
Quite ok, but could be a bit more intriguing from point to point.:)
Full points for the guitar melodies, great work there! I was expecting something more after the 2:05 buildup, and the mixdown bothers me a little (loud snare + lots of pan), but always nice to hear a quality remix on one of my favourite Amiga tunes :)
Faithful. Nice guitars. The panning of the drums is unneccessary and a bit distracting, imho...
Very good, could have been a red face with more variations/energy/suprises.
Nice Remix. The snare is a bit too loud, but the leadguitars are very nice!
One of my fav Amiga tunes updated with great lead guitar work esp at 2:13-2:16
The Best Supercars Tune. Simple and very effective. I've been looking for this for ages! Excelent work
A very good attempt. I like it!
Nice but I heard better ones, too much raw not polished sounds
Love everything except the mega-cheesy drum fillin at 1:24 with _manual_ delay (echo) :-)
Great version of a great one. Thx!:-)
Nothing to complain about. Full points.
Good cover!
This nails it.
Nice, needs some real grunginess tho.. More hard rock.. Need those deep drum sounds and more focused guitar.
Review by neglesaks


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This remix is The definitive one to go by of the ones available on AMIGAremix/Remix64. The instruments are very well chosen, the tune and beat is essentially unchanged from the original but while this isn't a factor that would ordinarily speak in favor of the composition, it works remarkably well for the new choice of instruments, and the outro properly nails it for this beutiful recreation. Well done, Espen! (I really thought I had already reviewed this but to my embarassment it seems I never left even a comment until now.)