Fby - The Last Ninja (palace garden concerto)

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Sweet stuff! 80s movie soundtrack sounding, too.
Again, a good effort but a cleaned up Fast Tracker II XM. Some of the instruments sound a little too shrill for my liking.
WOW! Very promising idea, a bit Vangelish :) - just luv it
Not bad. I liked it. Though maybe a bit chinese themed for something japanese like ninjas is a bit unusual.;)
Great track it sounds like a real orchestra. I like these great strings at the end.
Really pleasant and yes.. Too short
I love it. Gets the max out of the original. Only complaint: it's too short!
Really nice idea with good realisation. Great orchestral instruments not sounding mid'ish in any ways. That's quite a big plus here! :-D I would have liked it a bit longer and with some more emphasize in the ongoing maybe.
Damn great instruments you put into that track. The orchestra feeling is amazing and the progressivity of the track couldn't be better.
Some lacks of mixing and instruments, but the idea gets +1 :-) wish for an extended version without the clapping, coz it sounds so unreal :-)
Doesn't offer much new compared to the original tune, also I don't like fake crowd noises.
Ah! Very creative!
Excellent production! This is very good. Thanks
Great production, sounds like it was recorded professionally live from a concert, like the way the BBC do it. Not remix sounding at all!
Really well made atmosphere in this piece!
One of the most pleasant "ninja first" remake for ideas and technique
Could not be better!
And I don't like fake orchestras!
Just a delicious remix..
Standing ovation!
Very nice stuff
I can just imagine sitting in an open-air theater in the middle of Japan watching a traditional Japanese ensemble playing this. Excellent idea, great arrangement. A bit lacking on the mixing, but who cares!
The video of this music is on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdGIaIimK-Y
Outstanding atmosphere, it is simple but with his own magic. Great job on staying on my play list ;)
Wow what an amazing composition and superb remake!! Thanks alot its a listening pleasure
Not perfect (fake crowd noises, sometimes cold MIDI orchestra instuments) but it does have an atmosphere. Completely brought back my evil black bad guys beating NINJA memories :)
Very good nostalgic
Very creative work
Powerful, delicate, professional and brillant arrangement
Excellent, thaks. Just a bit too short.
Would be an orange if mixed better.
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great track it sounds like a real orchestra. i like these great strings at the end.