FeekZoid - Something Stranger

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Insane to think that its 10 years since I made this.

I couldnt tell you where the idea came from per se - but the original ditty from the game was just something I'd always liked.  I liked the way the tune evolved (synthwise/pulsewidth) over time.  I think I remember sitting letting it play on sidplay.. and then just seeing what happened with my keyboard.

The drums/timing issues that everyone notices is unfortunately a symptom of that era of composing for me.  This was pre- my use of proper sequencers, and before I got to grips with trackers again post-amiga... so the track is quite literally a hand-made multi-track recording with the C64 part working as a metronome and its my own timing at fault.. exasperated with each layer of instrument as it got put down

Massive Kudos to Marcel and his re-engineering of this, I was with him all the way, and it kind of came about from discussions we had in the pub post-BIT London 2004  Listening to Marcel's final version raised the hairs on the back of my neck and a tear to my eye as he realised the song for me, and the fact that the piano melody in his final version is my actual performance = a fabulous collaboration that I will forever be appreciative of.  Would have loved to have played this live with him + drummer + guitarist

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Excellent! But I'd like to know which Galway tunes have been recycled here.
Would have been outstanding if there weren't those weird timing issues with the drums!
The original can not be beaten by any remake :-)
Ok nothinh more
Absolutely stunning remix, so simple (as the sid) but yet so eerie and deep feel to it, also love the selection of ambient sounds in this.
To take something so simple and make it this atmospheric requires skill. Kudos!
Absolutely brilliant.
This is AWESOME!
All-time classic remix! Great! Added to my collection.
Must have for every collection. Outstanding!
This tune has sole and purpose... Similar to the Twin peaks Tv series tune
Almost two decades later still a powerful, emotional remix, a must-have classic!
Nicely done.
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And Microprose Soccer begat... well, sometimes an idea floats across the Universe, and hits the right person. In this case, that idea was a Microprose Soccer subtune, and the person was Feekzoid. A simple riff that sounds like it came from a Pong game has an entire space station built around it: SFX, vocoded space vocals, whistling wind, beautiful pads, and an entire song structure. It should have been on a Jarre album, but of course, Feekzoid hates Jarre Probably just as well it wasn't then. Just download it: it's not a tune you'd heard in its original form, but it's a great space overture, which builds and builds into a prog rock masterwork: military drums, wonderful powerchords and a theme which never seems to end. One of the best C64-related MP3s ever created.