Ocean Loader 4'99

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Arranged by:
Ferrara Veteran
Composed by:
Jonathan Dunn
All-Time charts position:

This was my first c64 remix ever, done back in 1999 with FastTracker.

I didn't have the skills/patience for doing the arpeggios, so I just sampled them from the original and pasted on.
This is the original version, untouched. Originally uploaded by someone else than me. However I'm not into remastering this any time soon so until then, here's the only version of it.


After finishing this, I sent it to Chris Abbott. He was the only one I knew back then, to have a webpage for c64 remixing and I wanted to hear his opinions about my work. Encouraged by his positive feedback, I started doing more remixes. Finally I had my own webspace and files hosted in c64audio.com where you could download my latest work. 


Many many big thanks must go to Chris for helping me getting started back then 

I remember hearing an XM (or was it IT? ) version of this tune, many moons ago. Would be pretty ok, even today, if it wasn't so long (or rather so repetitive).
This just smacks of an old XM mod to me. As such a lot of instruments suffer in terms of quality and feel. It's not always that cohesive, and a bit too long. Remaster desparately needed.
Love the start, kinda organic in feeling but when it hits the main tune it just sounds SO old
Pretty average piece and way too long. Sounds very MOD-like to me with very litle change
Never heard it before I like it
It starts off a little slow, but once it gets going its not too bad.
Has that old mod-feel in a dated way. Cliche instruments, tiring arrangement, leftover arpeggios. On top if, it's not very enjoyable, either.
I heard the old mod and its so close - also what I like though is its so so like the original - nice just needs more ommmph!
Ugh, to long.
Yes, 1999 XM - rememberi it quite well :) judging from the 1999s perspective - it's good ;-)
Would be excellent in 1999. But today... Sorry.
Flat and lifeless.
It is hard to fail this good base tune!
Gosh you guys are harsh. Its not a bad mix, and the samples are good. The tune is a little lifeless but overall its not bad.
Strange! I already have this song as MP3 on my hard disk. Where did I get it? The ID3 tag says it's by "pbs". I always liked it, so it gets a Very Good from me. Added to my collection.

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