Sadness of Morphosis

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Sadness of Morphosis
Arranged by:
Ferrara Veteran
Composed by:
Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
All-Time charts position:

The Philip Glass composition - Metamorphosis One - was featured in a Battlestar Galactica season 2 episode, Valley of Darkness.
While I was watching that particular episode, the music combined with the shows overall mood, characters and actors made a
huge impression on me, which lasted for days. I couldn't shake the feeling of the music and episode for a long time, it was a
first time in a long time something did that to me (last time I remember of being an episode of Millennium featuring Lance Henriksen).


That gave me an initial idea of using the structuring of Metamorphosis One as a base for a C64 remix. And here it finally is.
I began working on this in May - on and mostly off - during the summer. I hope you enjoy it


Nice melancholic tune. Nice instruments used, but the reverb and overall mixing make it sound like he's playing in my bathroom! Fixing this would make it sound a lot better.
Nice melancholic tune with an interesting Yazoo vibe in the background.
I like it!
Very nice :)
I love the opening and you remixed it wonderfully. Did you make it up the melody after 36 seconds? Cus it was not in the original. Anyhows it fits just perfectly and without it, it would be boring. Then the synth and then the drums -Very Majestic feeling!
Haven't been put in this state of mind by a song in a long time. Really well done and I rarely like slow songs.
A little melancholic pearl. Well done.
Nice Philip Glass quote. It caught my attention. I actually saw him perform it live at Fermilab in Chicago. It was awesome.
Very good background

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