Firestorm - IK+ (Firestorm remix)

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Firestorm Remixer
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Original composed by:
Rob Hubbard
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Woooooohh! Excellent!
Wow! Now this is a really nice remix of the good old IK+. The end is a bit choppy, but still red for me.
Nice beginning I love the dirty sounds more of those remixes. This is music for my ears :D welcome to the scene Firestorm
For a debut, this is certainly a very impressive start!
Surprisingly good and clean, given the
I really like it. Dirty groove. Good orchestral inserts. I just missing a hook in the melody. But that is only my opinion ;o)
Very! Well done. You've managed to breeze whole new ripping atmosphere to the classic tune. Thx for the great work.
Good remix! Excellent instruments and effects, but musically a bit boring...
Great drums and pads, but its too repetitive, the melody is drowned out and where is the actual IK lead solo work?
Really nice remix here of a classic SID! Seriously punchy!
Very Good Remix, look forward to more in 2009
I like the drums, but they could stand out more from the rest. And at the end it sounds as if it's working towards the grand finale, and then... It suddenly ends. :-( Aside from that, very good stuff!
A great start to the RKO scene.
Great sound, really epic breakbeat stuff, kind of like what you hear in a film soundtrack done by tom arnold etc great work
Great production, just let down by being a tad repetative imo
Love the dirty groove and the mix with the orchestral parts is nice... Welcome to the scene...
Perfekt! This is worth to be called a remix. It pushes the original to outter space :-)
Nice and wild ride!
Nice one!
Great work....
Very nice start on c64 remix scene. Love the beat, the feeling but I have t agree with others who voted very good.
Pretty good
Very Very Very Good
Excellent work, I will add it to my Radio Playlist, hang on, shit, I haven't got one.;)
Verny nice attempt. But the mixing could be a bit better, imho... After I figured out that my headphones were out of order: OUTSTANDING!!!:)
Sorry, I know this has been out for a while, but I listen to this several times a week at work. Love it.
This is the soundtrack of our AltParty08 demo KARAT3D by Byterapers. In demo, it is looping from the end to the similar point after intro, that's why it is a bit repetitive. See the demo @
Apart from some volume-issues this is outstanding, Even so, it's very very nice.
Absolutely Amazing. Not sure how anyone could give this anything lower than 'Very Good'. The green/sad face probably comes from some jerlous people who in fact knows f*** all about music production. THIS IS SUPERB!
Best mix ever
I have seen the demo and know the music and it is great mixing, and epic like, ideal for the movie or series
Nice, nice
As good as it gets. The outro is a bit strange, but scores the red face from me.
Int Karate meets the Matrix, and they get on just fine :) Wonderful Stuff!
Omagaaaad! Supeeeerb!!!!
Very energetic remix in the style of Prodigy and Chemical Brothers. Unfortunately, it repeats only one hook from IK+ and never seems to conclude because of that, but still very, very enjoyable. Lovely strings, too.
What a great remix with great Beats and moodparts in it. Love to hear more from you.
Haunting, obsessive, energetic - nearly as much, as original. Almost perfect, second only to Firestorm's Commando. I listen to it at least twice a day ;)
Great stuff!
It's a blast!
Very nice
Totally overvalued over here IMO
Love the power of it, just wish it did a little bit more in incorporating the original melody; a bit too repetitive as it stands.
Yeah it's alright
Review by Largamon


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Technically this remix is excellent, but then again I wouldn’t expect anything less from professional of this caliber. Hubbard’s classic tune is kept intact, but I wish it was slightly louder. Now it tends to disappear under the weight of added instruments and explosive beat – which by the way certainly deliver. There’s also a slight feeling of repetition, but this is countered by expertly crafted nuances for careful listeners. However, I still think that lead solo or something could have done wonders here. (It’s been awhile since I heard the original melody so I can’t reliably compare the two.) Final build-up feels like a C-part and creates anticipation for returning beat that disappointingly never comes. Obviously this remix doesn’t want to mess with original source, but I don’t think it brings the best out of it either. And that’s probably the hardest thing to achieve in a remix. In any case, this one makes me want to turn up the sound - impressive entrance from Firestorm and I definitely want to hear more from him. Someone this capable can do amazing stuff.