Sea Of Passion (Tribute to Jeroen Tel)

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Jeroen Tel
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Hmm nothing really special and sooo long ^^ maybe not my musicstyle
Like said above
Didn't find too much variation, the lead instrument is noisy, and the tune became boring. But keep working.
This is not that bad, but a too simple sound scape and nothing really new added make my vote drop...
Maybe a bit too long, but still sounds nice and finely made.
So damn boring!
Agreed with prowler.
Sounds okay to me, but I also think a 'radio edit' would do a lot of good to it. Some instruments feel rather noisy (pardon my pun! ) or too raspy.
Would be better if it was alot shorted (3 minutes? ) and indeed less raspy lead instruments.
I have absolutely no idea what you guys above me are talking about. This tune is AWESOME!!! One of my absolute All-Time-Favourites. I absolutely love that piece.
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When I was on holiday this year I burned some CDs for the time I drive in my car to the Hotels. This track was on one of them, I think I never heared it before. When that piece started in my CD-Player, I thought Wow, what's that? Never heared that...woow....awesome...wonderful track, absolutely great.... and so on. I heared it one and a half hour, again and again and again. Even today I heared it...^^ Found Atlantis: Great Job, you made an awesome track. Maybe only for me, but as I like to say If it's only one who loves what I do, I did it well. Found Atlantis, you did. Thank you for that fantastic track. 😊