Aztec Challenge Tribe - Sacrifice is ready

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Paul Norman
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Nice attempt at doing this acapella style, but it doesn't really work like it should.
This captures the agony of the original very well! There are a few problems along the way though. Nothing that can't be fixed with a bit of practice and a new/better microphone. A capella is a very hard art to master!
It doesnt work, dont do it, keep it synth, dont do it... Eerie, experemental fun I guess :)
The idea and the atmosphere are very cool! Only the execution lacks a little - let's call it artistic skills. ;-) Well done anyway!
What a sick thing this was. Still a little cool with this spooky mood.
Nice idea, but it ended up too boring!
I don't like acapella at all, period! ... But one passage I found really moody was when the whistling set in... Take thaty and put synths to it! ... The echo goes out of beat whch make this sound wobbly. Sorry but not my cup of tea.
What a cool idea! I can totally imagine an Aztec tribe chanting this around a fire. I love the arrangement, the style, the idea itself. It lacks on execution, but refined it could really be awesome. But drop the "sacrifice is ready" vocal.
This is really sick, but somehow cool in its own way. Stoned aztec priests performing a sacrifice ritual. Cool :) Only the "sacrifice is ready" bothers me.
Very brave, nice one.
Nice try... But if I dare play it our our four cats get scared. They get big eyes, looking around like there's danger... So the music does have some athmosphere :). Not my taste though.
Maybe not the best, but heck it's different. And I think the mixing fits very well.
The idea is odd but it lacks any decent execution. Very not my cup of T.
C'mon dudes, this is really interesting/fun! :D
For some reason I always rate this the highest rank on the SLAY rotational, so it's only fair to give it a good rating here too. It speaks to me. Has its problems, but still - A very interesting take on it! The rest of you, check out Aztec history!:)
Oh, hard tobaco for the ears ;-). Yes that's a bit thick. Amusing anyway. I wouldn't really call it 'music'. It rather is a piece of art on it's own kind.
Nicely unique!
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Acapellla style the beginning is really nice, i like the voice! nicely done! Don't quite get the negative reviews and ratings!