Funky Monkey - Turrican II

Track info
Arranged by:
Funky Monkey Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Markus Siebold & Stefan Hartwig
All-Time charts position:
Errr... Bad choice of instruments. Arranged like my tunes: bad...;)
Annoying bass and drums, minimalistic style doesn't always mean good.
Sorry.. *barf*
Come on Funky, you can do better than this mate!
Its sounds very Mega-Drive-esque. Its good though, not my kind of tune however, but good try.
Feels like there is nothing interesting happening after the quite promising intro. You just voted your own tune?
Nice intro, terrible choice of instruments, overcompressed muddy mix, boring arrangement.
The instruments are terrible and the bass destroys everything.
Great tune.. This vote is a push out of the pit!
Strange tune, sounds 8-bit, like the instruments were sampled from Amiga Hard'n'heavy...
I'm impressed. Not!!! I would have been if this was made on an Amiga 20 years ago.
This one doesn't really have something to do with Turrican. It's confusing, the bass is incredible and the beats are.... Well.... Are this beats? Sorry, but I've heard better versions than this.
Sub optimal instruments. Sounds like an Amiga remake of the C64 version.
I like the original
The opening is gorgeous, but it's badly let down by the rest of the tune which sounds compressed in comparison. Remaster needed.
Really, beautiful intro... But unfortunately that's it...
Good Average because it isn't so bad...

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