Gammasutra - CJ's Elephant Antics

Track info
Arranged by:
Gammasutra Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Ashley Hogg
All-Time charts position:
I see what he's trying to do here, and it gets going after a while; but it still feels a bit "empty" for some reason. Good effort though.
Sounds like Abba
It's nice, but gets a tad boring towards the end.
Just nice and simple, but credit due to the fact the original sid isnt anything special
A bit too simplistic and synthy, but the feel's there. It's quite mellow and just has enough of the original's mad feel to be a good one. Might need a bit more instrument tweaking.
Quite allright, but nothing special. A bit 'plastic' in some places.
Hmmm, its not too bad really I just cant get into it as much as id like to. Nice try though.
It sounds very empty.. Just a beat that plays with some different leads.. Doesn't do it for me!
Boring... Repetitive...
I like it!
Nice and funny... Good one, indeed!:-)
Makes me want to bouce about. Has a slight muzak tinge to it, which makes it all the more fun I think.
As always, Gammasutra makes me happy
Nice 80s style synths tune. The chord stabs dominate the mix too much, the synth electric guitar a bit cheesy. Still, enjoyable!
Just perfect, I LOVE it!!!
MIDish but fun.
Some odd choices of sounds, but overall a faithful and enjoyable version. Better than mine!

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