Gammasutra - Giana Sister (white reggae mix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Gammasutra Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Chris Hülsbeck
All-Time charts position:
I'm giving it a good because of the guitar playing, but it really does need re-mixing.
At least it's the in-game tune for a change, but the mixing's all over the place on this one. Too many instruments that don't necessarily work together. Shame that, as the potential's there.
Slightly too repetitive too me, overstays its welcome after the first minute, reminded me of Monkey Island so that cant be a bad thing ;)
I tried this idea a while back for the in game music. No one gave a shit back then. Don't think anyone will care much for this one either. Still a nice idea, this remix just sounds a bit off.
I quite like this even with its faults. It's got the foundations of a great mix.
Great stuff! I like these gammasutra remixes....
Didn't work, but a good try
This didn't work out well.
Yes, the drum machine makes it very white (unfortunately). The rest is good.
The yellow one for the guitars, besides that it's average... Too flat.
There have been much better remixes of that one already! Mixing is also quite out of place with this! Sorry... Just average!
Has some very nice touches to it. Extreme stereo makes it uneasy to listen to on headphones.
Sounds good :)
Poor! I always hated the SID, and I also hate this remix. The guitar playing sounds very inaccurate. One plus point for the organ at 1:28, thus Average.
A concept which I like; enough ordinary remixes; give me more of this any time

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