Gammasutra - How to be a Complete Bastard (Mandojam mix)

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Gammasutra Veteran
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Laid back rock music. Well done.
As Rik Mayall would say, "this is utter utter utter utterly brilliant! ". It's great fun and makes the most of a limited SID with some nice laid back rock. It's well mixed and has a really nice feel to it. Well worth a listen this one.
A welcome addition to a remixing scene that can tend to sound a bit too much techno/trance/whatever... :) Nicely done.
This really lacks some background singing! Excellent idea! Great feel to it imo. It just doesn't quite reach the orange one in my ears...
This really does sound like a good backing track for a "vocal" piece - maybe Makke can write some lyrics and sing baby sing!
Good, but I don't get it.
Orange for taking a pretty rubbish sid and turing it into something, um, not rubbish
Ooh, chilled. I can barely remember the music to the game since it's hard to remember anything other than explosive curry farts. I like this though, it's damned catchy.
Nice and laid back.. And in the same vein as im sure ade and rik would have done it themselves..
Yummy, another gammasutra remix... All instruments fits perfectly, esp. The organ which is the sugar on the top... Thank you for the music!
Something different... I guess his best effort so far...
Yeah! DIFFERENT style in a (remix)scene are definitely worth it and necessary. Can't stand all thos techno-unz-no-rythmn beats all the time! There has to be _feeling_ and _groove_ in it! This one is surely a nice change here! Thanks...
This song does not do it for me at all, but I can certainly recognize the effort and talent that went into its creation. That is a fun organ, though.
Probably quite sophisticated but not my cup of tea. Too experimental.
As we Dutch say: "swingt de pan uit! " great rythm!

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