Gammasutra - I want more diamonds (italo wave mix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Gammasutra Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Gábor G (The Galactic Stranger)
All-Time charts position:
Just slightly a bit too simple for my tastes to rate any higher but a quality tune none the less
Has some really nice sounds, but feels a bit scaled down, or stipped off.
Well produced remix and nice idea of merging both SID tunes but they are actually orginally by Reyn Ouwehand and Galleon
Nice ideas, although the odd usage of SID drums doesn't help it. Clean sounding and good choice of instruments, though.
Cute choon.
Very clean sounding, some good choice of instruments and a nice two part tune. Not over complex, maybe a little simple but it works and I like it
I love the first tune
I love the jamming feeling and the sound, but some more work on mastering would have made it a real hit.
Not my taste but sounds technically perfect to me.
Nice 80s sounding. Feels like playing Out Run with a new song
Quite niice, but a bit boring...
A bit better than average. It's got the tracker syndrome, but the song is good and a good use of instruments. Could have done well in 4channel compos ;)
Although this one's simple and has timing issues, I can't help but like it. Especially its Moroder-like 80s synth style is very nice.
Nice easy-listening song. Joyful, happy, good old stuff. Nice Job, Gammasutra.^^

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