Last Ninja 3 - Wind

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Arranged by:
Gavin Lucas Veteran
Composed by:
Reyn Ouwehand
All-Time charts position:
A tad boring, the sid its self is very repetitive and this needed something added to it
I like the arrangement, but the original SID doesn't give that much to work with.
I like the compact sound and overall feeling.
Minimalistic approch, but works very well. I like it, but he should have added some more notes and variation
Well arranged.. But just lacking that extra something.. Cant put my finger on it.. Id like to rate it higher but just cant.. Not bad though
Sehr chillig!
Not bad. Very fitting title!
I didn't quite follow the tune. A bit repetitive.
This one has high potential, but something's wrong with the low-frequency bassdrum. Also, I have no nostalgic feelings concerning Last Ninja 3, as I already had an Amiga at the time it was released. So "only" Good!
It's very good. I liked the instruments too!
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The best wind of Last Ninja 3 so far, its a challenging tune. I can see that some of the instruments were a challenge. It resembles the original really well and I guess more work on this seeing as its now 13 years old would be great to hear from this composer.