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Gemini 64 - Legend of Kage

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Gemini 64 Remixer
Original SID:
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Nice chilled remix of this awesome SID by Mr Gray. Could have done with a bit more variation on the drums but the jarresh synths throughout work really well
Very soft and laid-back version. I like the sort of Jarre vs Jan Hammer-feeling in it. The drums are a bit repetitive, yes...
Like this, I say I like this. Perfect to chill out to but as pointed, maybe a little more production on the lead would not have gone a miss
I like this, but I agree the lead is very shrill sounding and could have been worked into the tune better.
I would have given this an orange one but the main lead is just too shrill and tends to dominate proceedings. Tweak that and it's on a winner - as the rest of the mix is really nice and laid back.
Very relaxed mix. The drums are repetitive and could do with more variation.
Very nice, but too slow for me...
Nice ambientish, although I think a bit too slow for this tune. Very enjoyable, definitely a keeper.
I don't like de sound of the lead melody. But the bass and the drum is really good!
Very nice remix! Nice to hear something different than o2 unforgettable version (still playing it).
Sweet soundscape.
Strange mixture of Jarre, Trance and other elements. Tempo is too slow.
Review by jbaudrand


Artistic skill

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A very nice remix, listen it for 2 days in loop...