Classic Tunes - On The Fonky Side

Track info
Arranged by:
gibs Veteran
Composed by:
Pink (Manfred Linzner)
All-Time charts position:

The original track :

Great work, Michael! I'm lovin' it! Everything is in the right place.
Some funky stuff here - like it a lot!
Really nice.:)
Again outstanding! Very good done!:-)
Absolutely great! You definitely rock, Mr. Gibs!;)
Good job my friend. You're the MAN!
Great work, man :D
Very impressive Gibs! I'm jealous
Good choice to remix that one! Good job!
Great sounding mix! A pleasure to listen too!
Another great work! Thanx
Gotta love those waka-waka chords!
Fantastic cover of this song. I cannot fault it!
One of the best remixes I have heard to date got a feel of ashes to ashes the TV series, brilliant.
Whoaa! Dude!!
Fall in love with it by hearing it several times :D
Hmm nice
Bien bien pas mal....
No more guitars please.. 60 years listening this old acustic sounds... Its so bored
Digging that guitar.. Awesome bro!
Very nice
Maybe one of the best mix in this site. Not the best song, but remix is great
Pretty cool man.
Nice :)
Great remix!
Very good remix!

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